Valentin Roger

Valentin Roger

San Francisco, a great openworld

I came to SF to visit and discover a different culture that I know, and to study in INSEEC U in an exchange program to learn anything about SF and American’s culture. I went to the Silicon Valley and discovered the Apple’s Headquarter, but also Google’s headquarter and Stanford University. The Silicon Valley is full of start up and the biggest Companies in the world and it was a real pleasure to go there, it was different that what I believed before going there but I wasn’t disappointed. I discovered any things and different places in SF like Chinatown, Civic Center or Union Square, but not only in Financial District, I also went to G.G Bridge, Alcatraz or Fisherman’s Warf.

Next year I’d like to work for a startup, an automobile’s company as Tesla Motor or in Finance, maybe in Canada or China. I’m looking for an opportunity to work in a foreign country and maybe that I’m going to find it in SF, maybe that I’m going to meet anybody that will make me find a traineeship and change my professional career. San Francisco allowed me to discover other thing that a different culture or places, but also different knowledge, right now I know coding and create my own website, I improved my English and learned so much about how to lean a startup.

American’s lifestyle interests me a lot, and I interviewed 3 persons to have their opinions about the law that allow citizens to have a gun and the answers were different but generally they are for carrying a weapon but it should be more secured. Indeed a test to check the mentally state of the person and verify his criminal story should be compulsory because there is too much accident because of weapons in USA and an increase of the criminality. San Francisco for the moment has been really beneficial for me and I will come back to France with many knowing that I could never have if I was never gone to America.

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